KWR3 T profile is used at vertical joints between the panels. It is not as common as our standard KWR1 profile. Its resistance is lower due to its dimensions. 50 mm foot limits adjustment. 100 mm wide front of the profile is usually enough to connect two neighbouring panels and keep the required distance from their edges to fixing points. KWR3 profile is used for projects with lower requirements and loads. Undoubtedly its biggest advantage is low price.

  • Gatunek stopu: EN AW-6060 lub EN AW-6063
  • Stan dostawy: T6 lub T66
  • Klasa reakcji na ogień: A1
  • Odporność korozyjna: C3

Parametr Wartość
lx 5.864 cm4
ly 16.546 cm4
Wx 1.432 cm3
Wy 3.309 cm3
Pole 2.963 cm2
Waga 0.803 kg/m