KCL is an L profile used to support middle part of a cladding panel. Glass and quartz sinter panels are hanged on it with additional elements. The hanging elements are inserted in profiles guiding channel. The guiding channel makes the installation easier and increases resistance to horizontal loads.Special socket for gaskets is located on the side of the profile.

  • Gatunek stopu: EN AW-6060 lub EN AW-6063
  • Stan dostawy: T6 lub T66
  • Klasa reakcji na ogień: A1
  • Odporność korozyjna: C3

Parametr Wartość
lx 12,288 cm4
ly 6,472 cm4
Wx 2,349 cm3
Wy 1,932 cm3
Pole 2,699 cm2
Waga 0,729 kg/m