KWR11 profile is L profile used to support middle section of cladding panel. It is not as common as our standard KWR2 profile. Its resistance is lower due to its dimensions. 60 mm foot allows enough adjustment. 30 mm wide front of the profile makes it possible to use the profile in very narrow sections where other products would not fit. Very often installer use it to connect two panels at the edges of the facade.  Undoubtedly its biggest advantage is low price.

  • Wyrób przebadany w Instytucie Techniki Budowlanej.
  • Wyrób przebadany na podstawie wytycznych Europejskiej Organizacji ds. Oceny Technicznej

Alloy Grade: EN AW-6060 lub EN AW-6063

Delivery status: T6 lub T66

Reaction to fire class: A1

Corrosion resistance: C3

Parameter Value
lx 5,767 cm4
ly 1,003 cm4
Wx 1,488 cm3
Wy 0,407 cm3
Field 1,497 cm2
Weight 0,406 kg/m