Wide range of services

BSP Bracket System Polska sp. z o. o. offers wide range of services in the field of ventilated facades and fixing techniques. This range includes production and sales of aluminium brackets for curtain walls, complete substructure systems for ventilated facades as well as design and consultancy services.

Aluminium substructure systems

BSP System produces aluminium substructure systems that consist mostly of brackets and profiles. Both brackets and profiles were design specifically with ventilated facades in mind, which distinguishes them on the market. Brackets have been designed in a way that makes the fixing of the profiles much easier and allows installer to adjust their position in all three axes, avoiding problems related to uneven walls. Extended foot of the bracket (small “heel” on its side) makes it four times more resistant to lateral forces. There are two types of brackets – fixed which transfer loads from the facade to the main bearing structure of a building and sliding brackets which which support the whole structure and allow trouble-free expansion of aluminium. BSP offers wide selection of brackets in many sizes and extension pieces. Thanks to that our products can be used even if outreach is extremely short or long.

Biggest advantages

The biggest advantages of our products are: high durability, resistance to atmospheric factors and corrosion, light weight and extrusion proces that prevents stresses, microcracks and scratches all of which occur if elements are bend.

Universal solution

Despite the fact that our aluminium profiles were designed to be used with HPL and fibre-cement cladding panels mainly, they can be used with aluminium and concrete panels, louvers, wooden cladding and many others. There are two main types of profiles. The first one is called T profile – used for joining panels – and the second one is an angle profile (also referred to as L profile) – used as a support profile. The other category of profiles are decorative elements which include internal and external corner profiles and joint profile. They can be used to mask the edges of the panels as well as cover horizontal joints through which the substructure can be seen. They also prevent penetration of unwanted objects such as cigarette butts.

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