Static calculations

At our client’s request we are preparing static calculations of subframe for ventilated facades. Our engineers use RFEM programme by Dlubal Software that has implemented the European Standard Eurocode 9: Designing of aluminium structures. The software can be used for calculating steel structures, cladding panels, glass panels and manu other elements. Moreover we cooperate with major construction and design companies on the market, such as RH+.

Thermal calculations

We use Trisco software by Physibel to perform thermal calculations. It allows us to create 3D models and calculate heat transfer coefficients in accordance with PN-EN ISO 10211 standard. At the client’s request we select and design substructure to meet all thermal requirements and prepare thermal calculations report for designed facade. Our engineers performing calculation can prepare the energy performance certificates for buildings.

Thermographic tests

Thanks to the usage of thermal imaging camera we can perform thermographic tests if the facade and prepare a report. It is one of the most effective ways to verify correctness of the assembly of the thermal insulation layer and confirm the elimination of thermal bridges using a suitable passive substructure. Thermographic tests also detect the appearance of dew point on the interior walls. That helps to get rid of them at an early stage and prevent water condensation.

Consulting and training services

Beside manufacturing and designing facades we also provide consultancy services and help our clients during installation process. We support them in front of architects and investors as well as on the site by training workers on how to successfully install facade and read workshop drawings.

CNC machining

BSP production plant is equipped with CNC machine that allows us to make almost any machining of aluminium elements.