Curtain walls

One of the main types of glass facades are aluminium curtain walls. BSP offers curtain wall brackets made of extruded aluminium profiles, that ensures their high durability.

Advantages of BSP products for curtain walls

• High resistance to weather conditions, especially when compared to steel brackets
• Low weight that makes them easier to transport and install
• They can be adjusted (additional holes and cuts) on site without the need for additional anti-corrosion treatment
• No galvanic corrosion between the brackets and other aluminium elements
• No welded joints and risks associated with improper welding work
• Lack of internal stresses, which occur after bending or welding
• Brackets can be optionally coated or anodized
• Fast deliveries and wide range of products available from stock

Systemy BSP dla tego rozwiązania

BSP Floor To Floor system

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