BSP KW4 PAS passive bracket has been designed with stricter regulations regarding thermal insulation parameter of exterior partitions in mind. Brackets have structural function and transfer vertical and horizontal loads to the main bearing structure of a building. KW4 PAS specially designed shape and materials used in production result in relatively high load capacity and favourable thermal parameters at the same time. Thanks to BSP passive solutions the “thermal bridges” phenomenon can be almost entirely eliminated.

KW4 PAS is made of aluminium elements (EN AW 6060 T66 or EN AW 6063 T6 alloys) and a chamber spacer made of low thermal conductivity plastic material. Spacer is hidden in the insulation layer creating non-ventilated space which greatly impacts overall thermal parameters of the facade. Separator is squeezed in aluminium elements sockets creating very resistant and strong connection between them. Profile is inserted in 1,5 mm wide socket which enables its easy adjustment. Openings in the brackets enable their free thermal expansion. Brackets are fixed to the main bearing structure of the building with anchors chosen based on static calculations. BSP HDPE washers are used to separate brackets aluminium element from the wall (alternatively EPDM or PCV washers can be used) to avoid corrosion and increase thermal properties of the whole assembly.

  • Wyrób spełniający podwyższone wymagania termiczne.
  • Wyrób przebadany na Politechnice Warszawskiej.
  • Gatunek stopu: EN AW-6060 lub EN AW-6063
  • Stan dostawy: T6 lub T66
Wariant Wymiar A [mm] Wymiar B [mm]
KW4 PAS/170-120 fix 170 120
KW4 PAS/170-150 fix 170 150