KW1 EB bracket has very similar shape to standard KW1 bracket but is thinner (2-3 mm). It is used for lower loads as they are less resistant. Undoubtedly its advantage is low price.

Alloy Grade: EN AW-6060 lub EN AW-6063

Delivery status: T6 lub T66

Reaction to fire class: A1

Corrosion resistance: C3

Variations Dimension A
Dimension B
KW1 EB/170-150 FIX/LOS 170 150
KW1 EB/170-120 FIX/LOS 170 120
KW1 EB/170-90 FIX/LOS 170 90
KW1 EB/170-60 FIX/LOS 170 60
KW1 EB/170-40 FIX/LOS 170 40