KWR12 is a T profile used at the connection of cladding panels. It is a slightly modified version of KWR1 profile. It can be adjusted in 50 mm range which allows to avoid problems regarding uneven concrete surface. 70 mm long “leg” of the profile as well as its 2 mm thickness increase stiffness and enable greater spacing of brackets. Grooved surface increases the connection area for adhesives. Front side of the profile is 140 mm wide and enables fixing point of the cladding panel to be 55 mm from its edge. Quartz sinter panels can be installed with rivets using this profile as the requirement regarding fixing points is for them to be at least 50 mm from the edge.

Alloy Grade: EN AW-6060 lub EN AW-6063

Delivery status: T6 lub T66

Reaction to fire class: A1

Corrosion resistance: C3

Parameter Value
lx cm4
ly cm4
Wx cm3
Wy cm3
Field cm2
Weight kg/m