KWRK is used for fixing non standard cladding panels. 4 mm thick “leg” increases the resistance and stiffness of the profile allowing it to be used as a support for heavy panels made of stone or concrete. Its box like shape allows all three sides to be used as a support at the same time.

  • Gatunek stopu: EN AW-6060 lub EN AW-6063
  • Stan dostawy: T6 lub T66
  • Klasa reakcji na ogień: A1
  • Odporność korozyjna: C3

Parametr Wartość
lx 84,514 cm4
ly 15,610 cm4
Wx 12,096 cm3
Wy 6,244 cm3
Pole 7,206 cm2
Waga 1,946 kg/m